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Whether you’re a complete novice or a paddle boarding racer, we have SUP activities, lessons and paddle board socials. Our taster sessions introduce you to the basic principles of stand up paddle boarding to our more advanced lessons and races, anyone can experience the joy of being on the water. Saltwater SUP is a BSUPA approved and affiliated school and also offer certificated courses including ‘Ready to Ride’ and ‘Ready to Tour’. 

SUP Calendar & Event Dates


When:  Date TBC

Where: Chalkwell Beach 

What: Saltwater SUP’s yearly  fun day the the 10.6 inflatable boards race challenge.
We have the boards, if you have your own 106 Isup or under you can use your own board if you prefer.
What else – Live music, Saltwater Beach Cafe, the cafe will be open late as well.

Who can race – Anyone

This is aimed for novices, from anyone who has recently learnt/and or socially paddles and wants to try something different and have some fun.
It is for short beach course, about 4 minutes in total with a beach start and finish.
Age group for races for both female/male –
11-15 , 16-44, 45 +The Masters) –

There will also be a SUP relay race for the instructors.


When:  January 1st

Where: Chalkwell 

What: Saltwater paddle, a gentle head clearer along the Ray.

Time: Midday – TBC

Saltwater paddlers heading out, in a non instructor led paddle. Self recover ability essential, as will be suitable clothing essential.




5th EASI – Race 2 – Hosted by Frangipani

12th December – Bray Lake Ice Breaker Race Series Race 3 – Super Sprint Series


Sunday 9th  Bray Lake Ice Breaker Race Series Race 4

EASI Race 3 – Hosted by Suffolk SUP TBC


Saturday 20th EASI Race 4 – Hosted by Supsect

Sunday 13th – Bray Lake Ice Breaker Race Series Race 5 – Technical Super Series

MARCH 2022

EASI Race 5 – Hosted by Barefoot – TBC

MAY 2022

Ist GBSUP National Race Series, Flat Water  – CIWW Paddlefest, Cardiff –

5-8TH Loch Awesome, Scotland  – A 75km circumnavigation of the UKs longest lake/freshwater loch over 2 days.

14th The Paddle Skedaddle – Location Great Yarmouth

21st GBSUP National Race Series, Ocean Technical Beadnell Belta, Northumberland

JUNE 2022

18th GBSUP National Race Series, Flat Water – Battle of the Thames –

25th GBSUP National Race Series, Flat Water, – Bournemouth

JULY 2022

10th GBSUP National Race Series, Ocean Technical Series, Celtic Cup, Carbis Bay


3/4th GBSUP National Race Series British Championships Nottingham


16th GBSUP National Race Series, Ocean Technical Series Barefoot Wells SUP

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