A fully approved British Stand Up Paddle Association School


The Saltwater Beach Café is warm and friendly café on Chalkwell Beach in Essex. It was born out of memories of founder Liz Carr’s childhood, back to when she would spend her days on the beach or in parks with family and friends, whatever the weather, then going to local cafés to warm up in the colder months and for an ice cream treat in the summer.

Liz wanted her children to grow up with the same freedom, but knowing the world is a very different place just a few decades later, it was important to her that Saltwater Beach Café is a safe place for everyone, with parents able to watch their children as they play outside carefree.


Our café provides delicious freshly made food and drinks using good quality and locally sourced ingredients for the whole family to enjoy. Bringing people together over good food is our mission.

We host regular health and wellness events from inspiring talks on gut health, hormonal balancing, essential oils in everyday life to sourdough making workshop, Mandala stone painting, film nights and children’s art workshops.

Whether you want to enjoy a family day out on the beach, an afternoon stroll, a summer picnic or just a cup of coffee to uplift your mood, we welcome anyone. We cater for all dietary requirements so bring the while family.

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