Whether you’re a complete novice or a paddle boarding racer, we have SUP activities and lessons for any age and any level. From taster sessions where you learn the basic principles of stand up paddle boarding to more advanced lessons and races, anyone can experience the joy of being on the water. Saltwater SUP is a BSUPA approved and affiliated school.


Chalkwell Beach – Our spiritual home, Saltwater SUP started here in 2017 teaching with just a few boards thrown on the beach with some talented instructors teaching paddle boarding in what was then a quieter spot of the beach. This developed into the paddle board school and team that we have now in what is a vibrant beach area. We love teaching on the beach, the sun, the sand and the beach vibe and of course Saltwater Beach Café. We do though get those days where it can be super gnarly and we look for the calmer inland venues to teach paddle boarding.

Hadleigh Park – Home of the 2012 Olympics biking trail, we have recently had the exciting opportunity to teach at this historic site, close to the ruined Hadleigh Castle overlooking the Thames.  Teaching on the reservoir in a calm, quiet environment this is a great place for under 16s, families, those keen to learn before going onto our local Estuary. What we love about the park is that after your session you have access to the wonderful  facilities at Hadleigh. You can have a nice food and drink at the café, visit the farm or bring your bikes and use the tracks, investigate the Castle ruins, take in the views of the Estuary, be outside spending quality time outdoors.  Choose the activity you would like to do and make it a whole day experience. Even stay the night at the superb Essex Glamping site on the park.  

saltwater sup activities

A one hour session with all kit provided in a fun, relaxed environment to teach Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) to beginners. This includes a land intro: overview of local conditions, weather, tide & safety. Overview of board & paddle. Water Demo: Coaching and teaching paddleboard strokes and techniques, including self-recovery (getting back on a board).

Finish - feedback and advice on next stage development and courses

Locations: Chalkwell Beach/2 Tree Island - Leigh on Sea/Hoe Mill Lock

saltwater sup activities

The Improver session, designed to advance both your paddle board confidence and technique developing on from our taster sessions. This has been of great benefit to those who have either taught themselves or been taught in flat water environments or has taken British Stand Up Paddle Association’s (BSUPA) Ready to Ride on flat water and want tuition to develop confidence in Estuary open water conditions.

With this class we include looking at your development including paddle stroke, core, step back and reverse paddle strokes and stance. This will also suit you if have your own board, have been out on it and want to develop and make the most of your experience on your board with professional guidance.

Locations: Chalkwell Beach/2 Tree Island - Leigh on Sea/Hadleigh Country Park

saltwater sup activities

Individually tailored session to the person either as an individual or in a maximum group of two to develop confidence on the paddleboard; this is for all levels of paddlers, from total beginners to more experienced riders. These sessions are with a BSUPA Qualified Instructor. This has also been excellent for people who learnt on flat water who are not as confident on the local Estuary.

Coaching is relaxed, yet informative to develop both your ability and technique.

Locations: Chalkwell Beach/2 Tree Island - Leigh on Sea

saltwater sup activities

To continue to develop your paddle board ability and technique with our BSUPA qualified instructors, our tours are designed to be tailored to your current ability and to develop your skills. These sessions are organised in small Covid friendly groups where you can paddle under supervision with an instructor in a small bubble. Friendly, yet informative sessions taking in the surrounding of the different and some secret locations.

These trips will last about 2 hours and will build your confidence, knowledge and technique driving forward current skill set on a board.

Locations: varied

BSUPA certificated

saltwater sup activities

To further develop and improve technique and paddle fitness, these one hour sessions look at a wide range of race training, intervals, pace training and exercises. The sessions are designed to be fun, yet working towards a personal improvement plan.

Locations: Chalkwell Beach/2 Tree Island - Leigh on Sea/ Hadleigh Country Park

saltwater sup activities

Set at Hadleigh Country Park, we run hour long sessions over the day in beautifully calm settings with flat water, great for families and a picnic afterwards. We are able to take children from 9+ as long as children are accompanied by an adult (we operate 16+ on the Estuary).

Come and learn with us on our Stand Up Paddle Board Taster session with Qualified BSUPA instructors (DBS checked) and enjoy this time learning something new with your family.

Locations: Hadleigh Country Park SS7 2PP

BSUPA certificated


The BSUPA Level 1 “Ready to Ride” course is aimed at adults who have never stand up paddled before or people who have had a go but want to learn the paddle boarding properly. Learning to paddleboard is a fast and fun process with a qualified BSUPA Instructor and BSUPA approved SUP school. The course structure is designed to give you the information you need to get on the water safely, have fun and learn the basic techniques of paddle boarding. During the course you will be given an introduction to how the weather and environment affects you, how to carry the board and paddle, paddling technique, different types of turns, self rescue, how to fall safely as well as how to plan expeditions and the basics of stance in surf.

The 2 hour course is run in flat water at Hadleigh Park and at the end of it, you will be presented with your BSUPA Level 1 Ready to Ride Certificate.

Locations: Hadleigh Country Park

BSUPA certificated

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